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Beautiful (Chinese Version) 4:3

Beautiful (Chinese Version)

Nhạc Hoa EXO

Girl na pa shi feng chui luan le ni de tou fa. Zhe zhu le ni de lian. Wo ye yi yang neng kan jian ni. Shan yao de shuang yan. Mei tian yi zhi bei. Si nian chan rao de wo yi pi bei bu yi

Beautiful (Goblin OST) (English Version) 3:47

Beautiful (Goblin OST) (English Version)

Âu Mỹ khác Daryl Ong

It's beautiful life. Forever I'll stay by your side. It's beautiful life. Always standing right behind you. Beautiful love. Cause we're standing under the same sky

Beautiful Now (The First Step Remix) 5:45

Beautiful Now (The First Step Remix)

Thể Loại Khác Zedd

Bài hát: Beautiful Now (The First Step Remix) - Zedd. I see what you're wearing, there's nothing beneath it. Forgive me for staring, forgive me for breathing. We might not know why, we might not know how. But baby, tonight, we're beautiful now. We're beautiful now

Beautiful 4:5


Pop Dami Im

Bài hát: Beautiful - Dami Im. Every look in the mirror is a chasm of dark. The longer you look, the less you see a view. Every horse-back hero that rides in. Leaves you right in this desert alone. So your self-worth becomes self-hurt

Beautiful (instrumental) 3:46

Beautiful (instrumental)

Âu Mỹ khác Akon

Akon. -When I see you, I run out of words. . to say (aaah)

Beautiful 3:34


Pop Betty Who, Superfruit

Song: Beautiful - Betty Who, Superfruit. Looking in the mirror. Staring at my enemy. Every day's a battle. With the girl in front of me. I tell her that she's perfect

Beautiful Killer 3:49

Beautiful Killer

Pop Madonna

Dark eyes on a dangerous face you are a beautiful killer. We pass by the same old place you are a (beautiful killer). You don't have a life, you have blood on your hands. You can sleep at night and I don't understand. I don't know much about you are a wanted man You can call my name and I'll be a around. Maybe I'll let you shoot me down

Beautiful 4:23


Nhạc Hàn BEAST

Bài hát: Beautiful - BEAST, BEAST. Beautiful my girl. My beautiful my girl and I. So beautiful my girl (in the cube). Ha ha girl. This is my confession

Beautiful You 4:23

Beautiful You

Nhạc Hàn DBSK

Bài hát : Beautiful You - DBSK. Ah. その声に触(さわ)って 眠れたらいいのに. 会えない夜も 抱いてるみたいに. 君だとわかる 目を閉じても. 甘い体温が 聞こえてくる

Beautiful Beautiful (The Best Hit OST) 3:26

Beautiful Beautiful (The Best Hit OST)

Nhạc Hàn Punch, Glabingo

Bài hát: Beautiful Beautiful (The Best Hit OST) - Punch, Glabingo. Mujigaebit georie saramdeurui misoga. Deongdara nal usge haneyo. Gibun joheun barami seolleineun kkoccdeuri. Georeum georeum bangyeojuneyo. Neoege ganeun gireun jeo

Beautiful (Goblin OST) Beat 3:48

Beautiful (Goblin OST) Beat

Beat Crush

Bài hát: Beautiful (Goblin OST) Beat - Crush. It's a beautiful life. 난 너의 곁에 있을게. nan neoui gyeot-e iss-eulge. It's a beautiful life. 너의 뒤에 서 있을게

Beautiful Ones 3:3

Beautiful Ones

Pop Hurts

Bài hát: Beautiful Ones - Hurts. [Verse 1]. Pick up your phone, put on your coat. Everyone's looking up at you. Push through the crowd, into the sound. Of everyone talking about you

Beautiful 4:19


Nhạc Hàn BEAST

Bài hát: Beautiful - BEAST. [Yoseob] Beautiful my girl, [Junhyung] My beautiful my girl and I, So beautiful my girl, (In the cube). Haha girl, This is my confession, Drop that beat

Beautiful 3:37


Electronica/Dance BEAST

Bài hát: Beautiful - BEAST. [Yoseob] Beautiful my girl, [Junhyung] My beautiful my girl and I, So beautiful my girl, (In the cube). Haha girl, This is my confession, Drop that beat

Beautiful 4:1


Rock Stereo Fuse

Song: Beautiful - Stereo Fuse. when we all need time. to let our memories go. you've struggled with your past. and dreams the that aren't your soul. you were just a child

Don't You Know You're Beautiful 3:16

Don't You Know You're Beautiful

Country Kellie Pickler

Hey little girl with your tangled hair, your tattered clothes. You're fifteen and you're about to bloom just like a rose. Youre wishing that you had designer jeans. Like the ones you see in magazines Now I know youd give anything just to fit in. But your worth ain't on a price tag, it comes from within Dont you know youre beautiful?. Dont you know youre beautiful?

Beautiful 3:4


Rock Aerosmith

A friend of mine was talking I was earjacking, eavesdropping. Down on my knees so I could hear what she was sayin'. As I got closer to her fire her desire. Was to lead me on and on and on and it was like. Beautiful We are free again. We're out of here

Beautiful 4:1


Âu Mỹ khác Glee Cast

Ooh yeah. Ooh yeah. Everyday is so wonderful. And suddenly, it's hard to breathe. Now and then, I get insecure. From all the pain

Beautiful 3:50


Pop The Parlotones

Wish upon a falling star. the passion patrol. accept us for who we are. We've gone and lost control, oh no. The outline of miracle. required to be traced

Beautiful 4:3


Nhạc Hàn EXO

Bài hát: Beautiful - EXO. Nega naeryeowa jichin harue. Jageun sonyeonui gido ganjeolhami daha. Saekkkal hyanggi sori eomneun nae mam seumyeodeureo jeomjeom. Bi gaen hue tumyeonghan georiui saek. Geu singgeureoum darmeun naui yeosin

Up, Up and Away 2:36

Up, Up and Away

Pop The 5th Dimension

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?. Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon?. We could float among the stars together, you and I. For we can fly we can fly up, up and away My beautiful, my beautiful balloon. The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon. It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon

How Beautiful 4:41

How Beautiful

Âu Mỹ khác Twila Paris

How beautiful the hands that served. The wine and the bread and the sons of the earth. How beautiful the feet that walked. The long dusty roads and the hill to the cross How beautiful, how beautiful. How beautiful is the body of Christ How beautiful the heart that bled. That took all my sin and bore it instead

Beautiful Life 4:26

Beautiful Life

Nhạc Hàn SHINee

Allami ulliji ana. Oneuldo honjaya. Nae yeope neoye moseup. Dashi bol sun eopseulkka?. Binnaneun nalsshiwa gatteon (neoye moseup). Hwachanghan eolguldo

Beautiful Disaster 4:11

Beautiful Disaster

Âu Mỹ khác Kelly Clarkson

Bài hát: Beautiful Disaster - Kelly Clarkson. He drowns in his dreams. An exquisite extreme I know. He's as damned as he seems. And more heaven than a heart could hold And if I try to save him. My whole world could cave in