What's Your Name (Live At The Selland Arena) 3:29

What's Your Name (Live At The Selland Arena)

Rock Lynyrd Skynyrd

Well, it's 8 o'clock in Boise, Idaho. I'll find my limo driver. Mister, take us to the show. I done made some plans for later on tonight. I'll find a little queen. And I know I can treat her right

Everything 3:54


Rock Hardline

Well we've come this far, it should last forever. Something here so strong, it's holding us together. Everything I do, well I do for you, I didn't mean to let you down. And if I lose control somehow you'll always know. That I'll come back around, alright I've got this feeling, I can't shake it, alright. Hey baby, hey baby, can't let you walk away 'Cause you're everything I want, you've got everything I need

One For You, One For Me 6:38

One For You, One For Me

Rock Bright Eyes

One for the righteous, one for the ruling class. One for the tyrant, one for the slaughtered lamb. One for the struggle, one for the lasting peace. One for you and one for me One for the Fuhrer, one for his child bride. One for the wedding, one for the suicide. One for the bunker, one for the broadcast booth

What About Me 3:42

What About Me

Rock Emily Osment

The city is sleeping but I'm still awake. I'm dreaming, I'm thinking. What happened today, is it right?. I fall into the night The flashbacks, the pictures. The letters and songs. The memories, the heart

Perfect(Album Version) 4:22

Perfect(Album Version)

Rock Jon Mclaughlin

I used to stare up into the sky, And fill the space around with my whys. But now I've got it all figured out, And I'm embarrassed that it took me till now, The simple answers in her replies. Unlock the universe with her eyes,

What'S The Matter With You 3:7

What'S The Matter With You

Rock Split Enz

What's the matter with you?. Look down on everything we do. I really wonder if you see today like I do. What's the matter with you? What's the matter with you?. You don't look cool in shades of blue. I really wonder if you see today like I do

Little Baby 1:55

Little Baby

Rock Buddy Holly

Little baby, baby me. Little baby, baby me. In my heart you are the one. Look around and have your fun. Wow, wow, wow, wow you be my little baby. And baby me Little baby can you see

Aventine 4:9


Rock Agnes Obel

Bài hát: Aventine - Agnes Obel. Will you go ahead to the Aventine. In the holly red in the night. Dirt under my shoe from the old at heart. Right under you, grinning in the dark. You carried my heart in the night

Dorian 4:49


Rock Agnes Obel

Bài hát: Dorian - Agnes Obel. They won't know who we are. So we both can pretend. It's written on the mountains. A line that never ends. As the devil spoke we spilled out on the floor

Wait For Life 4:52

Wait For Life

Rock Emile Haynie, Lana Del Rey

Why you make me work so hard to put on that evening show. When you know that all I want is to make your money grow?. You're like a baby who don't got nowhere to go. I feel you eyeing me, you keep it on the low (on the low, on the low). But I can't let you in. And I can't keep you out

Over The Hill 2:48

Over The Hill

Rock Agnes Obel

Bài hát: Over The Hill - Agnes Obel. Over the hill. I will be waiting on for you. I won't pretend. That you don't mean nothing to me. Come now, come now,

On Powdered Ground 4:7

On Powdered Ground

Rock Agnes Obel

Bài hát: On Powdered Ground - Agnes Obel. Go back and forward, but all is melting like the snow. Taking all from us, all we thought was left to know. On what we treasure

Beast 3:50


Rock Agnes Obel

Bài hát: Beast - Agnes Obel. I would know who roars mostly like the beast. going out to hunt and then back to feast. I consider you, I consider you. I consider you. From your hill of beans I will sit and roar

What'D I Say 2:26

What'D I Say

Rock Jerry Lee Lewis

Yeah, mama, don't you treat me wrong. Come and love your daddy, all night long. Alright, hehee, huhu, alright Mm, see the girl with the diamond ring. She knows how to shake that thing. Alright, hehee, huhu, alright Mm, Tell your mamma, tell your pa. I'm gonna send you back to Arkansas

I Think I Can Hear You 3:25

I Think I Can Hear You

Rock Carole King

What must I do. How can I serve you. Is it true what I do is the way. To be near you I'm listening. Though sometimes. I can't hear you Looking around

Forget You 3:42

Forget You

Rock Cee-Lo Green

(Chorus). I see you driving 'round town. With the girl i love and i'm like, * you!. Oo, oo, ooo. I guess the change in my pocket

Waiting Game 3:28

Waiting Game

Rock Banks

I'm thinking it over. The way you make me feel all sexy but it's causing me shame. I wanna lean on your shoulder. I wish I was in love but I don't wanna cause any pain. And if I'm feeling like I'm even, we've got nothing to gain What if I never even see you 'cause we're both on a stage. Don't tell me listen to your song because it isn't the same

Change 4:16


Rock Banks

Bài hát: Change - Banks. Always cold. While you'd self-incriminate. By avoiding all my questions. And calling me an instigator. *** me down

Changes 3:34


Rock Hayd

[Verse 1]. I've been going through the motions. Learning how to pretend. That everything is perfect. And I've been sinking in an ocean. Drowning but I'm silent

Simple As This 4:11

Simple As This

Rock Jake Bugg

Bài hát: Simple As This - Jake Bugg. I've been in search of stones. Making up the pavement of less-travelled roads. Mining for treasure deep in my bones. That I never find. Went looking for reverence

Cool Kids 3:35

Cool Kids

Rock Echosmith

Bài hát : Cool Kids - Echosmith. 1. She says they're walking in a straight line. But that's not really her style. They all got the same heartbeat. But hers is falling behind

Somebody Who Knows You 3:44

Somebody Who Knows You

Rock X Ambassadors

Somebody Who Knows You - X Ambassadors. Nothing is harder than watching love leave the room. While we talk about money, people we wish we could screw. And it's hard to imagine a life lived without you. But I do it sometimes, and you do it sometimes. Sometimes I'm frightened that I'm turning into my father

No Good In Goodbye 5:8

No Good In Goodbye

Rock The Script

Bài hát: No Good In Goodbye - The Script. All the things that we have lost. Breaking up comes at a cost. I know I miss this mistake. Every word I try to choose. Either way I'm gonna lose

Do You Know Me 2:30

Do You Know Me

Rock John Mayer

[ti:Do You Know Me]. [ar:John Mayer]. [al:Battle Studies]. John Mayer - Do You Know Me. It's just the strangest thing. I've seen your face somewhere

Brown Sugar 3:48

Brown Sugar

Rock The Rolling Stones

[ti:Brown Sugar]. [ar:Rolling Stones]. [al:40 Licks]. [offset:500]. Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar. (Jagger/Richards)

Pink Triangle 3:58

Pink Triangle

Rock Weezer

When I'm stable long enough, I'll start to look around for love. See a sweet in floral prints, my mind begins the arrangements. But when I start to feel that pull, turns out I just pulled myself. She would never go with me, were I the last girl on earth I'm dumb, she's a lesbian, I thought I had found the one. We were good as married in my mind but married in my mind's no good. Oh, pink triangle on her sleeve

Butterfly Baby 2:15

Butterfly Baby

Rock Bobby Rydell

Butterfly baby, lookin' around. Flyin' like crazy all over town. Oh, you little butterfly baby, I'll hang around. Hopin' that maybe someday you'll settle down When you're done and there's only one. Who will your honey be?. Hear my plea, won't you let it be me?

Perfect Life 2:51

Perfect Life

Rock Red

You pretend to what you say you feel. You pretend that you're something special. All your lies that you hide behind. I see right through you. See right through you Paint it on, cover every inch. Any flaw will expose your weakness

Perfect Life 2:51

Perfect Life

Rock Red

You pretend to what you say you feel. You pretend that you're something special. All your lies that you hide behind. I see right through you. See right through you Paint it on, cover every inch. Any flaw will expose your weakness

Hunt You Down(Album Version) 3:37

Hunt You Down(Album Version)

Rock Saliva

I am the master of this game. And everybody knows my name. And I will gladly make you see. That you should not have messed with me. But you have thrown the gauntlet down. Only? One who wears the crown

Leaves 3:43


Rock Ours

I see the morning paper. I crumble it to bits. 'Cause it's bad again How long will it take us. To find out this is it. Till it's bad again? The leaves are falling, the leaves are falling. Turning over and over, the leaves are turning over

Hazy Shade Of Winter 2:45

Hazy Shade Of Winter

Rock Bangles

Time, time, time. See what's become of me Time, time, time. See what's become of me. While I looked around. For my possibilities I was so hard to please Look around. Leaves are brown

In Love (Demo Without Shatner 1998) 4:27

In Love (Demo Without Shatner 1998)

Rock Ben Folds

I remember. The night we met. That night we sat. Entwined. Under summer skies. I looked into your eyes

Waiting For The Silence 5:1

Waiting For The Silence

Rock The Living End

Opinions can be fatal. If you're not careful. They can lead you on the right track. Or stab you in the back You say I should know better. That I should just agree. But honey, hearts don't come with guarantees

Spit In The Rain 3:42

Spit In The Rain

Rock Del Amitri

You can grin but you can't hide. All the emptiness inside. Since she left you like. Spit in the rain Without doubt, it is true. She was the only love you knew. Now she's gone it fades away

(All Afternoon) In Love 3:55

(All Afternoon) In Love

Rock The Vaccines

Bài hát: (All Afternoon) In Love - The Vaccines. Oh don't be unkind. I'm trying to listen to you. I thought that you wanted me too. But it's kind of difficult to do. Hey don't know it though