Amygdala's Rag Doll 4:40

Amygdala's Rag Doll

Rock Ghost and Pals

[Verse 1]. I hide, I hide, in iodine words. It's something inexplicable, it's something unaccountable. I cry, I cry, when anything hurts. Vexatious, my amygdala that I can't do a thing about. The tricks and trivials of every twenty-four

Housewife Radio 3:53

Housewife Radio

Rock Ghost and Pals

[Intro]. Stitch sew *** pull. Stitch sew *** and pull. Stitch sew *** pull. Stitch sew *** and pull. Stitch sew *** pull

Super Robot 2:44

Super Robot

Rock Blondinka Ksu

В голове моей - электронные пластинки. 300 гигабайт - без задержки и заминки. Может потому я не очень многословн а. Потом у, что мозг мой супер мега - электронный

Enemy (From The Series Arcane League Of Legends) 2:53

Enemy (From The Series Arcane League Of Legends)

Rock Imagine Dragons, JID, League Of Legends

[Intro: Dan Reynolds]. Look out for yourself. [Verse 1: Dan Reynolds]. I wake up to the sounds of the silence that allows. For my mind to run around, with my ear up to the ground. I'm searching to behold the stories that are told

Pink Lemonade 4:13

Pink Lemonade

Rock James Bay

Bài hát: Pink Lemonade - James Bay. Don’t fall into my arms. Don’t ask me to repeat it. Don’t suffocate my heart. I don’t know what I’m feeling. Do you wanna talk, do you wanna talk it through?

North Atlantic Drift(Live) 2:59

North Atlantic Drift(Live)

Rock Ocean Colour Scene

Meanwhile Rome burns. Meanwhile Rome burns. Its a cultural shift it's the North Atlantic Drift. Americana and a rule Britannia. And the moon yes we own that to. And where the Euphrates meets the other rivers

Stay With Me (The Voice Performance) 3:48

Stay With Me (The Voice Performance)

Rock Terry McDermott

In the mornin' don't say you love me. 'cause I'll only kick you out of the door. I know your name is rita 'cause your perfume's smellin' sweeter. Since when I saw you down on the floor. Won't need to much pursuadin'

From Afar 4:22

From Afar

Rock Vance Joy

Bài hát: From Afar - Vance Joy. You told me 'boy look the other way'. You told me 'boy bite your tongue'. Yes that's not the way, Yeah that's not the way. Ah that's not the way that friends behave

Riptide (Flicflac Remix) 5:39

Riptide (Flicflac Remix)

Rock Vance Joy

Bài hát: Riptide (FlicFlac Remix) - Vance Joy. I was scared of dentists and the dark. I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations. Oh, all my friends are turning green. You're the magician's assistant in their dream. Oh, oh, and they come unstuck

Falling (VCS Spring 2021 Trailer Song) 3:20

Falling (VCS Spring 2021 Trailer Song)

Rock Szilva Vecserdy, Christopher Al Landon

Tell me do you feel it flow into your veins, does it feel like pleasure pain. Mixed up in some kind of contradiction. Your heart is racing like a machine gun. And you're running out of rounds real fast, your breathings getin' heavy.

It's My Life (Drama Version) 3:45

It's My Life (Drama Version)

Rock Mido and Falasol

This ain't a song. For the brokenhearted. No silent prayer. For the faithdeparted. I ain't gonna be just a face. In the crowd

Trouble 4:33


Rock Coldplay

Oh no, I see. A spider web is tangled up with me. And I lost my head. The thought of all the stupid things I'd said. Oh no, what's this?. A spider web and I'm caught in the middle

Stay With Me 3:27

Stay With Me

Rock Lorraine Ellison

Bài hát: Stay With Me (Baby) - Lorraine Ellison. Where did you go when things went wrong baby?. Who did you run to. And find a shoulder to lay your head upon?. Baby wasn't I there?. Didn't I take good care of ou?

Georgia 3:50


Rock Vance Joy

Bài hát: Georgia - Vance Joy. She is something to behold. Elegant and bold. She is electricity. Running to my soul. And I could easily lose my mind

Something New 3:7

Something New

Rock The Airborne Toxic Event

What's passed these hands?. All these drugs and one night stands. So I tremble when I think of she'd do. She'd say something like:. "You're no good, You're like the junkies in this neighbourhood"

Black In Revenge 4:32

Black In Revenge

Rock Automatic Loveletter

Bài hát: Black In Revenge - Automatic Loveletter. I wanted this. I wanted you. I wanted it to last but you fell through

Story Of My Life 4:12

Story Of My Life

Rock Automatic Loveletter

Bài hát: Story Of My Life - Automatic Loveletter. I remember when I was just fifteen. I moved to LA with my rock and roll big dreams. They said "good luck, it's tougher than it seems. So step up or go home. "

Heart Song 4:13

Heart Song

Rock Automatic Loveletter

Bài hát: Heart Song - Automatic Loveletter. Hey babe, I got my eye on you. Standing there on Beacon Avenue. I'm walking dead, yeah, I'll be shot down. Love at first sight ain't messing around. You take my hand, you lead me to dance

Shut Your Mouth 3:34

Shut Your Mouth

Rock Automatic Loveletter

You got me all bent out of shape. With all your hurry up and wait. And I dont know what to believe. When you say its just me. Thats what you say I should cry but you were thinking weak. So close your eyes ill say this once

Hush 4:0


Rock Automatic Loveletter

This is as quiet as it gets. Hush down now and go to sleep. We were once perfect, me and you. Will never leave this room Hu-hu-hush, you color my eyes red. Your love's not live, it's dead. This letter's written itself inside out again When rivers turn to roads

August 28Th 3:30 A.M. 3:42

August 28Th 3:30 A.M.

Rock Automatic Loveletter

Oh, put your swords away, I'm already down. The higher we both climb, the further we fall. And now were under looking up into the floor. And burn each other though we're dying for more. We're stuck on this disfunction

Smell Of The Game 5:7

Smell Of The Game

Rock Naoki Hashimoto

I know who I am. The moonlit lake told me. "This is who you are". My fangs are so long. My nails are sharper than ice. That is me

Rock Parade 4:9

Rock Parade

Rock Naoki Hashimoto

Countless footsteps. And two small ones that I haven't forgotten. Sweets and loud music. A night of light where no child sleeps. The night that will give a lifetime of happiness. Words I want to turn into facts

Armor-clad Faith 5:19

Armor-clad Faith

Rock Naoki Hashimoto

Armor-clad Faith!. Noise fills the burning sky. They struggle to testify. Justice brings more corpses. A disappointing verdict torches. They smile for their last stand

Coloratura 10:18


Rock Coldplay

[Verse 1]. Coloratura. We fell in through the clouds. And everyone before us is there welcoming us now. It's the end of death and doubt. And loneliness is out

Inhale 3:4


Rock Psychopunch

Bài hát: Inhale - Psychopunch. I'm coming home - I'm on my way. Sweet taste and nothing more to say. High octane fuel - that's all I need. Inhale , then breath. I got nothing up my sleeve

Back In The Days 3:58

Back In The Days

Rock Psychopunch

Bài hát: Back In The Days - Psychopunch. I got a sixpack baby & I'm ready to go. Are you coming with me I wanna know. I suffer hard but that's ok. Tomorrow brings a brand new day. I check the time & man I know I'm late

AI Football GGO (OST) 3:41

AI Football GGO (OST)

Rock V.A

Bài hát : AI Football GGO (OST) - V. A. When you standing in the field. You can make your dream come true. Here we go now you are changing the world. We get up,fight for our own destiny

Dream Come True 4:13

Dream Come True

Rock Casey Lee Williams

Bài hát: Dream Come True - Casey Lee Williams. [Verse 1]. I've been watchin' you lately. Chasing your tail and it drives me crazy. You'll never get that girl. She don't see in you the things that I can see

King 5:11


Rock Weezer

One night at the disco I wanted to dance slow. I saw a sweet baby, such a fine lady. I walked up to ask her, but some dude just grabbed her. I told him to back off, *** me some slack off. I see you come here, drinkin' that cheap beer. Act like you own it, I can't condone it

Stay The Night 3:1

Stay The Night

Rock Status Quo

Has anybody here seen my way to heaven?. Can anybody care enough for them to tell. It's taken me forever but finally you came. I had to look no further than any other man Don't look back over your shoulder. 'Cos the love that you found. That you found darling, yeah

Pride (In The Name Of Love) 3:49

Pride (In The Name Of Love)

Rock U2

[ti:Pride (In the Name of Love)]. [ar:U2]. [al:]. [offset:500]. Pride (In the Name of Love). U2

Out Of Control 4:50

Out Of Control

Rock Warlock

I feel so lonely. Since I had to leave you. 'Cause all I had to say. Was no true I'm thinking of you. Every day and every night. I'm missing your lovin'

Out Of Control 4:52

Out Of Control

Rock Warlock

Drums in the night give me a sign. I hear the sound of war. That is echoing through the streets I can feel. Cold metal steel The rhythm of death. Is burning in my mind all the time Running through the night. To my master

Out Of Control 4:43

Out Of Control

Rock The Rolling Stones

[ti:Out Of Control]. [ar:B'z]. [al:RUN]. [offset:500]. 作詞:稲葉浩志. 作曲:松本孝弘

Come Vorrei (Live) 4:18

Come Vorrei (Live)

Rock Vasco Rossi

Song: Come Vorrei (Live) - Vasco Rossi. Al contrario di te. io non lo so. se è giusto così. Comunque sia. io non mi muovo