Industry E.T 4:14

Industry E.T

Pop Lil Nas X, Katy Perry

D-D-Daytrip took it to ten. Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me. Infect me with your lovin'. Fill me with your poison. Take me, ta-ta-take me. Wanna be a victim

Heaven 3:14


Pop Calum Scott, Hoàng Duyên

[Verse 1: Calum Scott]. I used to count the stars in the sky. Now I count the ones in your eyes. I used to think that my paradise. Was somewhere waiting on the other side. But you, ooh-ooh

Glimpse Of Us 3:53

Glimpse Of Us

Pop Joji

[Verse 1]. She'd take the world off my shoulders. If it was ever hard to move. She'd turn the rain to a rainbow. When I was living in the blue. Why then, if she's so perfect

Back It Up Deh (Remix) 3:27

Back It Up Deh (Remix)

Pop Sean Paul

Alright then again yow. Love see di gyal *** when *** move dat body. Buddu-bang-bang. Gyal *** when *** shake dat body. Buddu-bang-bang. Gyal *** when *** move dat body

Pon Di Reel 3:23

Pon Di Reel

Pop Sean Paul

[Intro & Pre-Chorus: Sean Paul]. Drop that body, move that body. Shake that thing just like a Mata Hari gyal. Drop that body, move that body. Shake that thing (Yo Izy, are you kidding me?). [Chorus: Sean Paul]

Good Day 4:5

Good Day

Pop Sean Paul

[Chours]. It's a good *** day. Cause everything around me seems to go my way. And every move I make it real and it don't fake. And all rules designed to hold me back my breath. Yeah yeah, it's a good *** day (Its a good *** day)

Borrowed Time 3:25

Borrowed Time

Pop Sean Paul

[Verse 1]. Tick, tock, tock pon di stop clock. A yuh know seh di badness nah drop. Linkin' up wid mi, jump off daily. Is enough time wi haffi move shady. Fi di hot work, fi di top slap

Bend You Back (6:30 Mix) 3:13

Bend You Back (6:30 Mix)

Pop Sean Paul

[Intro]. Gyal, bubble fi mi. Gyal, bubble fi mi. Gyal, bubble fi mi. Tick tock, cause trouble fi mi. Pon di double fi mi

Bouncing 3:0


Pop Sean Paul, Jada Kingdom

[Chorus: Jada Kingdom & Sean Paul]. Bouncin', bouncin', bouncin' (Jada). Watch me put it in motion (Dweet, girl). Bouncin', bouncin', bouncin'. See we causin' commotion (I see). Oh, Lord of mercy, dirty, dirty

Scorcha (Hot Peppa Mix) 2:16

Scorcha (Hot Peppa Mix)

Pop Sean Paul

Wid a bang bang bang bang bang. Chimney-nmi. Telling *** again. Cause man a scorcha, Man a scorcha. Scotch bonnett pepper weh mi fling pon the daughter. Man a scorcha

Wine Up 2:59

Wine Up

Pop Sean Paul

[Pre-Chorus]. So yuh know seh di vibe *** start when di chronic puff in. But yuh don't know seh wi got di juice and gin. Give yuh good lovin' and di brain no bluff in. Time fi action, done di talkin'. [Chorus]

Light My Fire 3:22

Light My Fire

Pop Sean Paul, Gwen Stefani, Shenseea

[Intro: Sean Paul]. One, two. One, two, three. Set your body ablaze (your body ablaze). Me and you baby set your body ablaze. Set your body ablaze (your body ablaze)

As We Enter 0:15

As We Enter

Pop Sean Paul

[Intro]. So, selector. Big sun, a big sun. And this one is a bomb. From the Scorcha. Let it blaze

Earthquake 2:47


Pop Sean Paul

[Intro]. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Bidi, bang, bang, bang. Alright then. (Yeah, Banx & Ranx). [Pre-Chorus]

Haven'T Found You Yet 3:20

Haven'T Found You Yet

Pop Blue

[Verse 1: Antony]. Blurry pictures and silhouettes of somebody. You that somebody?. Guilty pleasures got me obsessed like nobody. Don't make it easy. [Pre-Chorus: Duncan]

I Just Called 2:30

I Just Called

Pop NEIKED, Anne Marie, Latto

[Intro: Anne-Marie]. I just called. Lala, lala, la, lala, la, la. [Verse 1: Anne-Marie]. Now I'm gettin' really brave, I had a few shots. I would say it to your face, but I just can't no more

boy x 3:46

boy x

Pop Tate McRae

[Verse 1]. There was a girl with the toughest of skin. She made sure that everyone around knew that she wasn't sensitive. She walked around (Ah, ah). Let nobody in (Ah, ah). Thought if she'd never gave her heart away, it'd never end up broken

go away 3:33

go away

Pop Tate McRae

[Verse 1]. You say I should be on top of the world but I'm not feeling much. You know, I used to think I could fly, now I'm just holding on. Yeah, I'm laughing in a room full of strangers on the verge of tears. Yeah, I should be on top of the world but yet I'm right here. [Pre-Chorus]

The Hardest Part 3:23

The Hardest Part

Pop Alexander 23

[Verse 1]. I thought that everybody gets older. But I guess that's not the case. 'Cause you said goodbye to your family last night. You were only twenty-eight. And the year is gonna get a lot colder

what's your problem? 2:47

what's your problem?

Pop Tate McRae

[Chorus]. What's your problem?. You think that you're a God. You came and *** my life up when you knew that I was lost. What's your problem?. I'm crying on the floor

i still say goodnight 3:8

i still say goodnight

Pop Tate McRae

[Verse 1]. You stopped saying goodnight. That was the first sign that you were letting go. Now you don't see me the same way. You're looking at me like I'm only getting old. [Pre-Chorus]

Dance When You Cry 2:52

Dance When You Cry

Pop Fiji Blue

[Verse 1]. It's alright. That you've been dancing alone the whole night. You get lost in the lows and the highs. You don't care if it shows. Sometimes (Sometimes)

i'm so gone 2:26

i'm so gone

Pop Tate McRae

[Chorus]. Go ahead and get wasted. Wreck your life, I won't say ***. Don't be calling my name. When I'm so gone, I hope that you hate it. Never left your dad's basement

Get Over It 3:29

Get Over It

Pop Avril Lavigne

[Verse 1]. Slipping down a slide, I did enjoy the ride. Don't know what to decide. You lied to me. You looked me in the eye, it took me by surprise. Now are you gratified?

Crypto ₿oy 2:21

Crypto ₿oy

Pop salem ilese

[Verse 1]. Mention NFT's one more time. And it's guaranteed we're not fuckin' tonight. You got OpenSea on your mind. When it should be me that you prioritize. Tryna get through but it don't compute

I Don't Give 3:39

I Don't Give

Pop Avril Lavigne

[Verse 1]. Everytime you go away. It actually kinda makes my day. Everytime you leave, you slam the door. You pick your words so carefully. You hate to think you're hurting me

Why 3:54


Pop Avril Lavigne

[Verse 1]. Why do you always do this to me?. Why couldn't you just see through me?. How come you act like this, like you just don't care at all?. Do you expect me to believe. I was the only one to fall?

Falling Down 3:57

Falling Down

Pop Avril Lavigne

[Verse 1]. If fears what makes us decide. Our future journey. Well, I'm not along for the ride (I'm not along for the ride). 'Cause I'm still yearning. To try and touch the sun (To try and touch the sun)

Make Up 3:14

Make Up

Pop Avril Lavigne

[Verse 1]. Layin' on the couch just. Hangin' with my boys. We're chillin' at the house tonight. I'm being myself. I'm nobody else 'cause

you're so cool 2:50

you're so cool

Pop Tate McRae

[Verse 1]. You thought that I would be so hurt. And guess I was for maybe a week or so. It's kinda crazy what I learned. Should've listened to your exes when they said don't. [Pre-Chorus]

hate myself 2:53

hate myself

Pop Tate McRae

[Verse 1]. I can say things I don't always mean. When people get too close to me. Don't know where it comes from honestly. And you weren't perfect yeah, you have your lows. But I'd say you got pretty close

don't come back 2:32

don't come back

Pop Tate McRae

[Chorus]. If you wanna go ahead and lie to me. Throw it all out now, that’s fine with me, uh. If I'm not enough for you, honestly. I hope you don’t come back. When you see that I'm better off

? 0:16

Pop Tate McRae

[Intro]. It's crazy to me because you grow up. You lose friends. You're suddenly scared of things that you were literally never scared of before. And when I was younger, like, I used to think I could fly.

Breakaway 3:43


Pop Avril Lavigne

[Intro]. Da-da-da-da-da-da. Da-da-da-da-da-da. Da-da-da-da-da-da da-da. Da-da-da-da-da-da. Da-da-da-da-da-da

14 2:21


Pop Clinton Kane

[Verse 1]. Fourteen and I'm thinkin' 'bout God again. In the back of our car, everyone is so far from me. Seventeen and I'm feelin' so out of place. I've been movin' too much. And lately, I've been runnin' round in circles everyday

Blur 2:32


Pop Johnny Orlando

[Intro]. In a blur. In a, in a, in a blur. In a, in a, in a blur. In a, in a, in a blur. [Verse 1]