Brokenhearted 2:30


Electronica/Dance Kovan, Halvorsen

[Verse 1]. You got me looking like a clown, I heard you left the city. You out there skipping towns when you should be here with me. The streetlights don't shine the same way. Anymore (Anymore). You had me think I let you down when I know that I didn't

Not Losing Us (Extended Mix) 4:37

Not Losing Us (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Luxe Agoris, Mike Archangelo

[Verse 1]. Danger called me for I had a chance to question who I am. Oh, where I'm from. You raised me up from nothing. You gave me everything you had. And now I'm gaining further distant

This Is Us 2:38

This Is Us

Electronica/Dance Buzz Low, Harley Bird

The sun rising on the earth. Lights are everywhere. The daylight starts to birth. A new day like a prayer. We build, we break. We give and we take

In Another Life 3:13

In Another Life

Electronica/Dance JJD, Eline Esmee

[Verse 1]. Some days I can't stop thinking about you. Some days I wonder why I do (Some days I wonder why I do). Sometimes I seize the day or I drink to forget. But I still see your silhouette (But I still see your silhouette). [Pre-Chorus]

The Hymn Of Nivoria (Extended Mix) 3:41

The Hymn Of Nivoria (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Niviro

[Verse 1]. Whispering leaves while mountain winds howling. Calling out the guard. The night sky glows enlighten your soul, and. Then you’ll find your stars. Home

Are We Alone 3:10

Are We Alone

Electronica/Dance Niviro

[Verse]. Are we alone?. Dancing together. Touching the sky. We will make it forever. Are we alone?

Bending 3:11


Electronica/Dance Steve Void, Beauz, Wave Wave

[Verse 1: Joey Busse]. I never felt like this before. Strung out on the floor. Shaken to my core. And now you're leaving. Your stuff is still in all my drawers

Wicked (Extended Mix) 3:53

Wicked (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Syn Cole, Jojee

[Verse 1]. I hope that I am. Not coming off too desperate. And if you need more time. We can just forget this. [Pre-Chorus]

Want It All 3:0

Want It All

Electronica/Dance Cadmium, Timmy Commerford, Jaytee

I wanna give you what you like. Everything you fantasize. For one moment with you, girl. I want all the lovey-dovey texts. Rinsed out with the lovey-dovey ***. With you, I want it all

Thinking About You 3:10

Thinking About You

Electronica/Dance Rival, Cadmium, Johnning

I can't. Stop thinking about you. I can't. I can't. Walking alone in the middle of the night. We shine brighter than a diamond

For Good (Extended Mix) 4:4

For Good (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Guy Arthur, Clarx, Veronica Bravo

[Verse 1]. You, you came with a warning. I should have seen it. My bad for falling. I'm, I'm far from perfect. But I know what my worth is

Let You Go 3:40

Let You Go

Electronica/Dance Jim Yosef

So why is it so hard. To let you go?. To let you go. So why is it so hard. To let you go?. To let you go

Banger Machine (Extended Mix) 3:23

Banger Machine (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Castion

[Verse 1]. Fresh kicks. Lacers. Bring that clap. Is the sax alright?. Fresh kicks

Fire 3:36


Electronica/Dance JPB, Anna Yvette

(Fire, fire, fire). [Verse 1]. We've been burnt but we keep on starting fires. Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh. We never learn, keep on chasing our desires. Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

New Horizon 2:33

New Horizon

Electronica/Dance JPB, Deverano

[Verse]. I know I just met you, but it only took a moment. Now I'm always thinking about you, thinkin' 'bout you. It's hard to forget you, swimming in the ocean. And the moon is spinning 'round you, spinning 'round you. [Chorus]

Long Time (Extended Mix) 3:53

Long Time (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Brooks, Mesto

Your love. For a long time, I've been waiting. For a long time, I've been waiting. For a long time, I've been waiting. A long time. A long time

Vibes (Extended Mix) 3:25

Vibes (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Breathe Carolina, Raven & Kreyn

Let's go. Love sensation (oh). Love sensation (love sensation). Love sensation (you got me burning up with your love). Love sensation (sensation). Oh, love sensation

Losing Control 3:7

Losing Control

Electronica/Dance JPB, Mendum, Marvin Divine

[Intro]. (Losing control). (I like losing control). [Chorus]. I like losing control. I get high when I'm feeling my flow

Long Night Pt. II 2:17

Long Night Pt. II

Electronica/Dance JPB, Drama B, M.I.M.E

[Chorus: M. I. M. E & Drama B]. We gon turn the crib into a club like. Hennessy and Buddah screamin' thug life

Band-Aid 2:59


Electronica/Dance Halvorsen

[Verse 1]. I've been getting out of bed these past few days. Think it's fair to be proud of it. I've quit ordering from all those fast-food chains. I'm feeling better, there's no doubt about it. [Pre-Chorus 1]

What You Like 2:41

What You Like

Electronica/Dance Curbi

[Verse]. Tell me what you like. Tell me-, tell me what you like. Tell me what you like. Te-, te-, tell me what you like. Tell me what you like

Get Up 3:10

Get Up

Electronica/Dance Tokyo Machine, Guy Arthur

[Intro]. To-Tokyo Machine. Tokyo Machine. Come on!. Toky, GA. Let's do it!

Where It All Began 3:51

Where It All Began

Electronica/Dance Danyka Nadeau, Electro Light

[Verse 1]. Standing in the open, knowing it will all make sense. One day. I'm looking for answers, slipping through the ocean sand. [Chorus]. Wish you could take me back

Evolution 2:28


Electronica/Dance Clarx, Debris, Emdi

[Verse 1]. Blocking the pieces I form. When I collect myself, you better run like hell. Stuck in the flames. And when I'm out myself, you better pray for help. [Chorus]

Fall With Me 2:48

Fall With Me

Electronica/Dance Jim Yosef

Will you fall with me?. Me, me, me. Will you come with me?. Me, me, me. Will you fall with me?. Me, me, me

Hold On (Extended Mix) 3:12

Hold On (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Buzz Low

[Verse]. Close your eyes, only got one night. Just put your trust in me, give me everything. I need your love tonight, so baby, please don't fight it. Put your trust in me, I'll give you everything. [Chorus]

Long Night 2:5

Long Night

Electronica/Dance JPB, Marvin Divine

[Intro]. Yeah. Yeah. MD. JPB. It's only right baby, yeah

Evolution (NCS10 Release) 2:28

Evolution (NCS10 Release)

Electronica/Dance Clarx, Debris, Emdi

[Verse 1]. Broke into pieces I fall. When I collect myself, you better run like hell. Stoking in the flames of mine tall. And when I'm out of my cell, you better pray for help. [Chorus]

This Time 2:36

This Time

Electronica/Dance Diviners, IZECOLD, Tim Beeren

[Verse 1: CRVN]. I found a picture we took many years ago. When I said to you we would never grow old. Messages I've saved that I never said. 'Cause I don't know you, but I used to back then. [Chorus: CRVN & Molly Ann]

Blue (Da Ba Dee) 2:28

Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Electronica/Dance Steve Void

[Intro]. Yo, listen up, here's a story. About a little guy that lives in a blue world. And all day, and all night, and everything he sees. Is just blue; like him, inside and outside. Blue his house, with a blue little window

Peru (Extended Mix) 3:26

Peru (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Tungevaag

[Verse]. You're tryna get my money, you're tryna rob me broke. You're sneakin' up at night when I'm stranded and alone. Don't get much I can give you, don't point me with that gun. You're tryna get my money, all I can do is run. [Chorus]

Fly Again 3:10

Fly Again

Electronica/Dance Kisma

[Verse 1]. I get lost sometimes and I can't seem to find the light. Between the walls, I've built for myself right in my mind. And then you came over and you showed me, love. That I never had seen before. And now when I got you it's all gonna be alright

Let Me Go 2:48

Let Me Go

Electronica/Dance Kovan, Doe Hadfield

I'm lying on my bed. Why are you standing here in my doorway. What's going on in your head. Forever in my mind. Don't need this tonight. You go your way I go mine

A New Adventure 3:22

A New Adventure

Electronica/Dance JJD, Molly Ann

[Verse 1]. Let me go, there's no doubt. Gotta get out of this small town. You took my heart from me, now you're everywhere I see. Set me free, let me fly, let me find new kinds of highs. We're just wasting here, waiting for another year

A Song About You 2:28

A Song About You

Electronica/Dance Razihel

[Chorus]. I don't really miss you. And I don't even care about you. And I don't even want you. But I, I wrote a song about you. [Pre-drop]

What You Like (Extended Mix) 3:22

What You Like (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Curbi

[Verse]. Tell me what you like. Tell me-, tell me what you like. Tell me what you like. Te-, te-, tell me what you like. Tell me what you like