Living Without You 3:4

Living Without You

Electronica/Dance Sigala, David Guetta, Sam Ryder

Than living without you. Without you. Than living without you. Without you. We ain't spoken for weeks and. So much has changed (changed)

Hello Somebody 3:47

Hello Somebody

Electronica/Dance E.T. 84

When I was on a cold clearance side of the light. And I was relaxing with my earphones on. When all of a sudden. I heard a little voice. Coming out of my stellar. It said:

This Far (RudeLies Remix) 2:37

This Far (RudeLies Remix)

Electronica/Dance Raven, Nino Lucarelli

You’re saying words I can’t avoid. You put a stop to all the noise. Even in the dark. You can heal your scars. Ever since this dawned. You got me this far

Dancin (Krono Remix) Pt.2 3:18

Dancin (Krono Remix) Pt.2

Electronica/Dance Aaron Smith, Luvli

[Intro]. Get up on the floor. Dancin' all night long. Get up on the floor. Dancin' till the break of dawn. Get up on the floor

Nescience 3:58


Electronica/Dance Galdive

Time is chasing down my disguise. Of playing to know it all. When what’s real is I know none. Tell me what is in your head. Enlighten me with your mind. Help me to understand

Maybe I 3:15

Maybe I

Electronica/Dance Galdive

You-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. You-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. [Verse 1]. Maybe I struggled by the signs and I don't have a clue (Have a clue). Got me questioning the things that I knew really true (Really true). How did I get in this place even if I stepped back from you?

Do It Better 2:50

Do It Better

Electronica/Dance Felix Jaehn, Zoe Wees

[Intro: Zoe Wees]. Hello, bye-bye. Don't need you with me tonight. All good, all fine. My heart is all mine. No games, no lies

Lonely Heart 2:47

Lonely Heart

Electronica/Dance Jax Jones, Martin Solveig, Gracey

[Intro]. E-e-e-e-e-e-e. Can you feel it-e-e-e. [Verse 1]. I remember driving that night. And I felt a little warmer with you

Perfect Melody 2:39

Perfect Melody

Electronica/Dance Jonas Blue, Julian Perretta

[Intro: Julian Perretta]. Papa, papa, pa, pa-rum. Papa, pa, rum, pum-pum. Papa, papa, pa, pa-rum. Papa, pa, rum, pum-pum. [Verse 1: Julian Perretta]

Questions 2:57


Electronica/Dance Lost Frequencies, James Arthur

[Intro: James Arthur]. How, where, when, why. Did it all go wrong?. Who, where, when, why. Did I get it wrong?. [Verse 1: James Arthur]

Potion 3:34


Electronica/Dance Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Young Thug

In the whip on a Tuesday night got the music high. And you by my side sideTop down and the moon is highAnd the mood is right. And you by my side side. Late night conversations. Electric emotionsSprinkled with a little bit of ***. And it’s a potion

Looking For More 4:4

Looking For More

Electronica/Dance Koven

[Verse]. Been tryna change what I've been tryna say. Words don't come straight from my head to my mouth. It's such a shame that it fell out of place. Was never me that was bringing you down. [Chorus]

What'S Your Name (Electrolight Remix) 4:58

What'S Your Name (Electrolight Remix)

Electronica/Dance Cosmo4

Bài hát: What's Your Name (Electrolight Remix) - Cosmo4. What's your name, baby?. What's your name, babe?. (Heeey, yeah). What's your name, baby?. What's your name, babe?

Strangers (R3hab Remix) 2:31

Strangers (R3hab Remix)

Electronica/Dance Sigrid

[Verse 1]. Just like in the movies. It starts to rain and we. We're the broken beauties. Blindfolded minds collide and we fall. [Pre-Chorus]

Honest 3:28


Electronica/Dance The Chainsmokers

Bài hát: Honest - The Chainsmokers. [Intro]. The other one is, of course, "what do you think of yourself?". I think be the first to [?] yourself, I always think. Because, you know, there's no limit to the hypocrisy of the human heart. Woah, woah, woah

Everything But You 3:18

Everything But You

Electronica/Dance Clean Bandit, A7S

Oh my heart needs some headspace. Every night try to escape. Got me calling for your name. Feel you touching. You take me to a place only we know. Away from all the noise and the people

Ps5 2:32


Electronica/Dance salem ilese, TXT (Tomorrow x Together), Alan Walker

Whoa. Eyes up, you've been gone for a fortnight. My love, are you stuck in a fake life?. Can't win, if the prize is to waste your time. Now it's wasting mine. And I know that we're close but I'm lonely

Ignite (Extended Mix) 4:59

Ignite (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance K-391, Alan Walker, Julie Bergan

Bài hát: Ignite (Extended Mix) - K-391, Alan Walker, Julie Bergan, Seung Ri (BIGBANG). [Verse 1: Julie Bergan]. Fireflies, don't get in little pieces. Feeds the dying light, it brings me back to life. In your eyes, I see something to believe in. Here's a light of flame

Kills You Slowly (Pilton Remix) 4:45

Kills You Slowly (Pilton Remix)

Electronica/Dance The Chainsmokers

Made plans with me and all your friends. I'm late again, I hate to keep you waiting. Tried to be a gentleman, got drunk again before I even made it. Tried to call a car for you, you’re tired of me. I know you wouldn't take it. You walked a mile in Louis Vuitton and *** 'em up

Belly Dancer 2:31

Belly Dancer

Electronica/Dance Imanbek, BYOR

Hey, ladies drop it down. Just wanna see you touch the ground. Don't be shy, girl, go bananza. Shake ya body like a belly dancer. Hey, ladies drop it down. Just wanna see you touch the ground

Sorry 2:45


Electronica/Dance Alan Walker

[Chorus]. Confetti is falling. At five in the morning. They're screaming and crying. But I'm all by myself. I know you, I'm sorry

Go Go Yellow Screen 8:39

Go Go Yellow Screen

Electronica/Dance Digital Emotion

We look for relaxation. So the only explanation. Create in funny hardware. And use it everywhere. Go!. I watch the yellow screen

Starlight 4:45


Electronica/Dance Jim Yosef, Chris Linton

Starlight. High above the sky it lights the world. Deep within our thoughts is a foundation. I'm walking down a path into the night. But now I see. What my life could be

Badniss (Extended Mix) 3:59

Badniss (Extended Mix)

Electronica/Dance Jonth, VinDon

[Verse]. Bitch, you never know. Say we have the power, but it's still to touch the road. Tell 'em have been ready. Click the man, the gun she load. She don't know that we're not regular

So Sick 2:21

So Sick

Electronica/Dance Dirty Palm

[Intro]. Yeah, you know I flow so sick. Maybe slow it down then switch it up quick. Here in VIP, I will be chillin' with the zip. Yeah, there's money in there, how much is the tip?. Yeah

Phoenix (But It's Punk Rock) 3:47

Phoenix (But It's Punk Rock)

Electronica/Dance Halvorsen, Netrum

[Spoken intro]. The year is 1991. Birds and people are living together in seemingly perfect harmony. Until one day a young man catches fire. This is "Phoenix". [Verse 1]

Alive2 3:22


Electronica/Dance XTT

Let's make this fleeting moment last forever. So tell me, what you waitin' for?. I'm gonna keep it frozen here forever. There's no regretting anymore. It's worth to wait, even so far away. I'm making the night mine until the day I die

Heartless 3:4


Electronica/Dance Jonth, Tom Wilson, Facading

[Chorus]. Left me alone in the darkness. Left me okay. You're colder than stone now you're heartless (heartless, heartless). [Drop]. Left me alone in the darkness

Nowhere Else 2:39

Nowhere Else

Electronica/Dance Conor Ross, Reece Taylor, Jex

[Intro]. Ooh, ooh. [Verse]. We fall, we do the same thing over. We break till we can't break no more. Its hard to act like life is so good, sober, all loved

Heartbeat 2:42


Electronica/Dance Rival, Cadmium, Veronica Bravo

[Verse 1]. Listen to my heartbeat. My heartbeat. My heart. Playing like your favorite. Your favorite song

Stronger (Raiko Remix) 3:7

Stronger (Raiko Remix)

Electronica/Dance Prismo, Raiko

[Verse]. You stole my heart of gold. After my silver soul. Can you dig any deeper now?. I gave you all I owned. Put you on this golden throne

Street Lights 2:27

Street Lights

Electronica/Dance Time To Talk, Azertion, JJD

[Verse 1]. A broken glass while I'm thinking in my head. I mind my own I don't even break a sweat. [Chorus]. This madness is insane. Why do you still live in vain?

Numb The Pain 2:32

Numb The Pain

Electronica/Dance Clarx, Anikdote, Catas

[Verse 1]. I know we grew up a little too fast. I miss the days that we'd chill and relax. Where did the time go?. It all passed. Now I need to go back

Stay 2:53


Electronica/Dance SirensCeol

[Pre-Drop]. I want you to stay. I want you to stay. I want you to stay. I want you to stay. I want you to stay

Invincible (Part II) 3:16

Invincible (Part II)

Electronica/Dance Deaf Kev, Sendi Hoxha

[Verse 1]. Deep in the dark, down on my knees. I've seen things that you wouldn't believe. [Chorus]. I was lost until I found. That I'm invincible, nobody gon' bring me down

Vision (Part II) 3:28

Vision (Part II)

Electronica/Dance Lost Sky, She Is Jules

[Verse 1]. Words spill, I don't feel numb. Do you wish you were someone close?. I miss you, but I know you miss your old self too. [Pre-Chorus 1]. Suffer what's golden