Pop 3:15 Jackson Wang (Vương Gia Nhĩ)

Lời bài hát Cruel

I'm coming back to you
And I hope you don't mind
That I'm wasting your time
I know you want me, too
Even though you're not mine
You got that look in your eyes

Come on, tell me where you at
When you're back
I won't keep you up, take a nap
A little gasoline and a match

You just like it better when it's cold
Oh, oh
Oh, oh-oh

This ain't what you want
This is what you need
Wake up in the morning
Know just what you need, need, need, need

[Verse 2]
I'm coming back to you
So I really hope that you don't mind
I know you want me, too
Even though you're not mine
You got that look in your eyes

Can you remember when I crossed it?
Put the sweat up in this like a mosh pit
Think I'm done up in this
Don't you stop me
Don't wanna see you throw a fit

You just like it better when it's cold
Oh, oh
Oh, oh-oh

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Pop Jackson Wang (Vương Gia Nhĩ)

I'm coming back to you. And I hope you don't mind. That I'm wasting your time. I know you want me, too. Even though you're not mine. You got that look in your eyes


Smells Like Me 3:24

Smells Like Me

Pop Charlie Puth

Lonely when you're in his arms. Yeah, you know I pray for that, pray for that, yeah. Your laundry dipped in my cologne. 'Cause you know it takes you back, takes you back. Tell me, do you ever miss me when I'm gone? (Gone). Wonderin' what body I'll be on (on)

Million Dollar Baby 3:4

Million Dollar Baby

Pop Ava Max

She's a miracle. She's a miracle, oh, oh, oh, ooh. Diamonds. She turns tears to diamonds, whoa-oh. Tryin'. To find that silver linin', whoa-oh-oh

Bois Lie (Acoustic) 2:50

Bois Lie (Acoustic)

Pop Avril Lavigne, Machine Gun Kelly

You tell me what I want, what I wanna hear. Make me believe in magic then disappear. You got a sharp tongue like a razor blade. You put a knife into my back and try to write your name. So tell me, why you. You never tell the truth?

Victoria's Secret 2:56

Victoria's Secret

Pop Jax

God, I wish somebody would've told me when I was younger. That all bodies aren't the same. Photoshop, itty-bitty models on magazine covers. Told me I was overweight. I stopped eating, what a bummer. Can't have carbs and a hot girl summer

Lobby 2:37


Pop Anitta, Missy Elliott

words. This is that new Anitta, suckers. Hmm, let's go!. Kiss me from the roof to the lobby. Your lips on my body. They work like a hobby

Left And Right [acapella] 2:34

Left And Right [acapella]

Pop Charlie Puth, Jung Kook (BTS)

Memories follow me left and right. I can feel you over here, I can feel you over here. You take up every corner of my mind (what you gon' do now?). Ever since the da-day y-you went away (no, I don't know how). How to erase your body from out my brain? (Whatcha gon' do now?). Maybe I should just focus on me instead (but all I think about)

Heaven 2:33


Pop Bazzi

Beautiful soul, you're out of control. Just like there's nobody that'd be watching you. Chasing a thrill with powder and pills. It's a girls' world and everybody's in it. I try to fight the feeling (feeling). But I think I'm past the ceiling

Villain 2:25


Pop Bella Poarch

I don't know why I'm like this, I'd love to piss you off. Something in my psychosis finds it a little hard. I always got good intentions, you tell me I saved your life. But I'm craving your attention (and you know that I've got two sides). I'll be the villain tonight. I kinda like when you despise me after we fight (feels so much better when I'm)

Living Hell 2:54

Living Hell

Pop Bella Poarch

You know I don't believe in ghosts. Or letting people close. I'm good at letting go. You kiss my lips until they're colder. Think you're in control. But I should let you know

Diamonds 3:45


Pop Rihanna

Bài hát: Diamonds - Rihanna. Shine bright like a diamond. Shine bright like a diamond. Find light in the beautiful sea. I choose to be happy. You and I, you and I

Just A Cloud Away 2:56

Just A Cloud Away

Pop Pharrell Williams

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams]. This rainy day is temporary. The contrast is why we got 'em. 'Cause sun shining through is just a cloud. Away-way-way-way-way-way. Way-way-way (Hey, baby), way-way-way

Material Gworrllllllll! 2:42

Material Gworrllllllll!

Pop Madonna, Saucy Santana

words. I'm not fancy, I just love fancy ***. Make a budget disappear like a magic trick. Make him buy me everything, I don't have to pick. Only hold a conversation if the bag is thick (hahaha). A material girl is not tasteless