Beautiful Love

Rock 3:13 Julian Cope

Lời bài hát Beautiful Love

You seem lonely oh Avalon
I feel evidence very strong
Beautiful love now
Beautiful love where have you gone
You make my life oh so long

Say make believe it ain't so wrong
Beautiful love now
Beautiful love where have you gone

I'd leave my life it weren't for you
Believe in love it weren't for you
Beautiful love now
Beautiful love what do you do

I know so
You seem lonely oh love adieu
Bou need to find a new bonjour
Even when you go I still love you so
Love you so

And even even when you leave
It doesn't matter when you leave
You're my beautiful love, beautiful love
My beautiful love
My beautiful love
My beautiful love
My beautiful love
My beautiful love

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Thông tin bài hát

Beautiful Love

Beautiful Love

Rock Julian Cope

You seem lonely oh Avalon. I feel evidence very strong. Beautiful love now. Beautiful love where have you gone. You make my life oh so long. Say make believe it ain't so wrong

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