Âu, Mỹ, Country

All Kinds Of Kinds 3:40

All Kinds Of Kinds

Âu, Mỹ, Country Miranda Lambert

Ilsa was an acrobat who went and fell in love with that. Horatio the human cannonball. A wedding 'neath the big top tent with barkers clowns and elephants. Sideshow family oddities and all The dog-faced boy howled out with joy. As the tattooed lady was crying. Ever since the beginning to keep the world spinning

I'm Not Gonna Miss You 2:56

I'm Not Gonna Miss You

Âu, Mỹ, Country Glen Campbell

Bài hát: I'm Not Gonna Miss You - Glen Campbell. I'm still here, but yet I'm gone. I don't play guitar or sing my songs. They never defined who I am. The man that loves you 'til the end. You're the last person I will love

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 3:20

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Âu, Mỹ, Country Luke Bryan

All we do right is make love. We both know now that ain’t enough. Ain’t gonna beg you to stay. Ain't gotta ask you what's wrong. Ain’t no reason running after something already gone. Take off your leavin' dress

Bourbon In Kentucky 3:58

Bourbon In Kentucky

Âu, Mỹ, Country Dierks Bentley

Bài hát : Bourbon In Kentucky - Dierks Bentley, Kacey Musgraves. There ain't enough. Bourbon in Kentucky. For me to forget you. No there ain't enough. Matches I can strike

Dirt Road Anthem 3:48

Dirt Road Anthem

Âu, Mỹ, Country Jason Aldean

Yeah I'm chillin' on a dirt road. Laid back swervin' like I'm George Jones. Smoke rollin' out the window. An ice cold beer sittin' in the console. Memory lane up in the headlights. It's got me reminiscing on them good times

Days Of Gold 3:31

Days Of Gold

Âu, Mỹ, Country Jake Owen

Bài hát: Days Of Gold - Jake Owen. Long truck bed, hop in it, fire engine red like her lipstick. Out here we can let it go, yeah. Just me and my good friends, jug of wine a little sip. Out here baby you just never know. Yeah, these are the days of gold

Talladega 4:38


Âu, Mỹ, Country Eric Church

Bài hát : Talladega - Eric Church. It was the summer before the real world started and, The deal was we would get to go, if we. Cleaned it up, and got it running, Daddy's old Winnebago.

Good Girl 3:29

Good Girl

Âu, Mỹ, Country Carrie Underwood

Hey, good girl. With your head in the clouds. I bet you I can tell you. What you’re thinkin' about. You'll see a good boy. Gonna give you the world

We Were Us 3:25

We Were Us

Âu, Mỹ, Country Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert

"We Were Us". Rearview crosses. Railroad ties. Oh, Hail Marys. Friday nights. Heartbeat baby

Right Here (Departed) 3:42

Right Here (Departed)

Âu, Mỹ, Country Brandy

Bài hát: Right Here (Departed) - Brandy. [Intro]. When you feel your hearts guarded, And you see the breaks starting, When the clouds are far departed, You'll be right here with me,

American Kids 3:21

American Kids

Âu, Mỹ, Country Kenny Chesney

Bài hát: American Kids - Kenny Chesney. Double wide quick top,midnight T-top. Jack in her cherry coke town. Mama and Daddy put their roots right here.

I Don't Want This Night To End 5:4

I Don't Want This Night To End

Âu, Mỹ, Country Luke Bryan

Girl I know I don’t know you. But your pretty little eyes so blue. Are pulling me in. Like the moon on your skin. I’m so glad you trusted me. To slide up on this dusty seat

Roller Coaster 4:22

Roller Coaster

Âu, Mỹ, Country Luke Bryan

Bài hát: Roller Coaster - Luke Bryan. She had a cross around her neck. And a flower in her hand. That I picked from the side of Thomas Drive. On our way to the sand. We found an old wooden chair

Take Your Time 3:58

Take Your Time

Âu, Mỹ, Country Sam Hunt

Bài hát: Take Your Time - Sam Hunt. I don't know if you were looking at me or not. You probably smile like that all the time. And I don't mean to bother you but. I couldn't just walk by. And not say hi

American Honey 3:43

American Honey

Âu, Mỹ, Country Lady Antebellum

[ti:American Honey]. [ar:Lady Antebellum]. [al:Need You Now]. Lady Antebellum - American Honey. She grow up on the side of the road. Where the church bells ring and strong love grows

Strip It Down 4:38

Strip It Down

Âu, Mỹ, Country Luke Bryan

Bài hát: Strip It Down - Luke Bryan. Let it fade to black. Let me run my fingers down your back. Lets whisper, let’s don’t talk. Baby, leave my T-shirt in the hall. Like a needle finds a groove,

Somewhere In My Car 4:1

Somewhere In My Car

Âu, Mỹ, Country Keith Urban

Bài hát: Somewhere In My Car - Keith Urban. I'm driving home tonight, catching all red lights. That's alright cause I don't want to be alone. There's nobody waitin there, cold and empty bed. Words I wished Id said come on the radio. Ooh, oh, oh, and I don't know why I do this to myself

Lie A Little Better 3:45

Lie A Little Better

Âu, Mỹ, Country Lucy Hale

Bài hát: Lie A Little Better - Lucy Hale. I just missed my exit. Last night I lost my keys. I'm fumbling over the words I. Don’t feel a bit like me these days. I would be a liar if I said I was fine

You Sound Good To Me 3:21

You Sound Good To Me

Âu, Mỹ, Country Lucy Hale

Bài hát : You Sound Good To Me - Lucy Hale. The full moon. Is shining like a spotlight. I could just sit and listen to you talkin' all night. When you whisper. Yeah, baby, when you lean in

Untouchable (Luna Halo) 3:45

Untouchable (Luna Halo)

Âu, Mỹ, Country Taylor Swift

Bài hát: Untouchable (Luna Halo) - Taylor Swift. Untouchable like. A distant diamond sky. Mmm. I'm reaching out. And I just

Fly 3:42


Âu, Mỹ, Country Maddie & Tae

Bài hát: Fly - Maddie & Tae. Baby blue staring in the window pane. Just counting drops of rain. Wondering if she’s got the guts to take it. Running down her dreams in a dirty dress, Now her heart’s a mess

The Heart Of Dixie 3:31

The Heart Of Dixie

Âu, Mỹ, Country Danielle Bradbery

She had a dead-end job at the National Bank. And a deadbeat husband who always drank. So when he didn't come home. She had the gin to thank for the tears in her eyes. So Dixie packed up and said her goodbyes. She went driving so far away nobody's gonna find her

Mama's Song 4:25

Mama's Song

Âu, Mỹ, Country Carrie Underwood

[ti:Mama's Song]. [ar:Carrie Underwood]. [al:]. Carrie Underwood - Mama's Song. Promo Only for KEY Album!. Mama you taught me to do the right things

Undo It 3:4

Undo It

Âu, Mỹ, Country Carrie Underwood

I should have known by the way you passed me by. There was something in your eyes and it wasn't right. I should have walked but I never had the chance. Everything got out of hand and I let it slide. Now I only have myself to blame. For falling for your stupid games

Banjo 4:56


Âu, Mỹ, Country Rascal Flatts

[Verse 1]. When I lose my smile. When my thoughts get jumbled. When the air and BS get too thick. Can't take a breath without getting sick. I've had enough with this concrete jungle

If You Ever Get Lonely 3:52

If You Ever Get Lonely

Âu, Mỹ, Country Love And Theft

Bài hát: If You Ever Get Lonely - Love And Theft. Thanks for calling. It's so good to hear your voice. But you keep breaking up. In all the static and the noise. But I keep listening

God Made Girls 4:0

God Made Girls

Âu, Mỹ, Country RaeLynn

Bài hát: God Made Girls - RaeLynn. Somebody's gotta wear a pretty skirt, Somebody's gotta be the one to flirt, Somebody's gotta wanna hold his hand so God Made Girls. Somebody's gotta make him get dressed up, Give him a reason to wash that truck,

God Made Girls 4:0

God Made Girls

Âu, Mỹ, Country RaeLynn

Bài hát: God Made Girls - RaeLynn. Somebody's gotta wear a pretty skirt, Somebody's gotta be the one to flirt, Somebody's gotta wanna hold his hand so God Made Girls. Somebody's gotta make him get dressed up, Give him a reason to wash that truck,

Middle Of Nowhere 3:56

Middle Of Nowhere

Âu, Mỹ, Country

you left me spinning like a disco. trying but i don’t know. if i can stand straight. you took me left when you knew i was right. now i got to try to fight to make it through the day. i never knew what you were capable of

Stay 3:29


Âu, Mỹ, Country Sugarland

Artist: Sugarland. Album: Enjoy The Ride. Title: Stay. By:. Offset:. [id: wuqpboqw]

Rather Be 1:37

Rather Be

Âu, Mỹ, Country

Bài hát: Rather Be - The George Twins. [Verse 1:]. We're a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea. But as long as you are with me, there's no place I'd rather be. I would wait forever, exalted in the scene. As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat

Girl Crush 3:26

Girl Crush

Âu, Mỹ, Country Little Big Town

Bài hát: Girl Crush - Little Big Town. I gotta girl crush, hate to admit it but. I gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down. I got it real bad, want everything she has. That smile and the midnight laugh she’s givin’ you now. I wanna taste her lips, yeah, ‘cause they taste like you

Day Drinking 3:15

Day Drinking

Âu, Mỹ, Country Little Big Town

Song: Day Drinking - Little Big Town. Everybody's always waiting on Friday. Watching that clock and sitting on go. Whatcha' say we find a little warm sunshine. An open umbrella on the patio I don't need a reason or a happy hour. Ain't hanging around for a fireworks show

Your Side Of The Bed 3:52

Your Side Of The Bed

Âu, Mỹ, Country Little Big Town

[Verse 1: Karen]. On your side of the bed, there's a picture of our wedding day. A clock that don't work and the bible that your daddy gave. It's on the window side, where the moon creeps in at night. Staring at the ceiling, lying here all alone. I said a prayer for you then I said one of my own

Today Is Your Day 3:15

Today Is Your Day

Âu, Mỹ, Country Shania Twain

[ti:Today Is Your Day]. [ar:Shania Twain]. [al:]. [00:-4. 00]Shania Twain - Today Is Your Day. [00:-3

So Small 3:43

So Small

Âu, Mỹ, Country Carrie Underwood

[ti:So Small]. [ar:Carrie Underwood]. [al:]. So Small. Carrie Underwood. Yeah, Yeah